Photoluminescent Exit Signs



Egress Safety First

It’s always been about egress safety first, but today, it’s also about having a Green Strategy for your building’s emergency egress markings. For your total Green solution, start with the new, zero energy GloBrite® Ecō Exit® sign. Part of the unparalleled photoluminescent GloBrite® Safety Guidance System, our non-electric, 100% recyclable exit signs are the premier green solution in this evolving, eco-conscious business environment. Our solar powered exit signs use no electricity, are non-toxic and non-radioactive – making them the most reliable, economical and eco-friendly glow-in-the-dark exit signs available today.

Photoluminescent Technology Saves Energy

Saving energy is critical to any successful business. Photoluminescent exit signs store ambient light and therefore require no artificial energy source, reducing your power bill & saving energy.

Photoluminescent Products Save Money

Lighting costs alone can eat up to one-third of all energy consumed in your building. When you install our Photoluminescent products, you will use zero electricity, decreasing energy use, especially during peak use or emergency generator loads.

Zero Maintenance for 25+ Years

Unlike old-technology LED signs,  GloBrite® Ecō Exit® signs absorb and store ambient light, providing bright, visible illumination in blackout or smoky conditions. Our zero energy exit signs also have no bulbs or batteries to replace, and they are zero maintenance for 25+ years. See 10-Year Cost Comparison Chart.

Saving the Environment

Our 100% recyclable  safety signs require no special disposal system, and they are the only photoluminescent exit signs made in the USA. That means there are zero overseas shipping consideration or costs, zero hazardous materials to dispose of, and no replacement parts to add to already overflowing landfills.

Saving Lives Every Day

While emergency generators can fail, backup batteries can die, and LED lamps can blow. GloBrite emergency signs are 100% reliable every time. When it comes to safety sign-age, there is only one safe choice: GloBrite® photoluminescent Ecō Exit® Signs.

Attractive glow in the dark exit signs are designed for either new construction or retrofits in any application.

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Architects Benefits:

  • LEED points qualified
  • Reduces cooling and emergency generator loads
  • Aesthetically-pleasing designs
  • Multiple product solutions for every application

Contractor Benefits:

  • Lower labor and material cost
  • No electrical to run or battery backup
  • Standard bracket options for easy mounting

Building Owner Benefits

  • Zero energy consumption
  • Zero energy cost
  • Zero maintenance, reduces overhead costs
  • Non-toxic, non-radioactive
  • No disposal cost, 100% recyclable
  • Movable if egress paths change


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